Food Philosophy

The Retaj Salwa Resort & Spa is a destination for food lovers and drink connoisseurs alike. A choice of 3 restaurants, 2 cafes and lounges offering something to suit all tastes.

  • Dine informally in Tamra International Restaurant where an imaginative ever-changing buffet of international cuisine and live cooking is offered from morning until night.
  • Zaitouna restaurant remains steadfastly at the top of everyone's list for the best Mediterranean food in the city and a sense of Qatari tradition.
  • The Cafe Lounge and patio is the perfect location for an intimate drink, located with a vast array of tea and coffee and juices, finely cut sandwiches and range of delicate homemade cakes to make an unforgettable afternoon.
  • FishKoza Seafood Restaurant your venue to relish seafood specialties tastefully created to meet distinct cravings.
  • Street Food provides a way to revel on the tranquillity of the place over cup of coffee and small bites of your comfort food.
Tamra International Restaurant

Derived from the Arabic word for ‘dates’, Tamra International Restaurant is an intimate 248-seat modern style restaurant dedicated to showcasing the finest of international cuisine in Qatar. The artisan menu is designed with passion to display the freshest ingredients through beautiful dishes that explores countries, regions and cultures.

Café Lounge

The Cafe Lounge and patio, contemporary designed and decorated tastefully with distinct French and Islamic touches. Offers varieties of personally crafted sandwiches, delis and cakes complemented by selection of coffee mixes and teas.

FishKoza Seafood Restaurant

Discover resort’s culinary pride where one can feast on delicious cuisine straight from the sea. Specially crafted seafood dishes complimented with vibrant ambiance, FishKoza Seafood Restaurant is more than just a restaurant, it creates dining memories.

Zaitouna Mediterranean Restaurant

Immerse your culinary curiosity with the wide selection of Mediterranean and local gastronomy. This specialty restaurant provides bespoke food discoveries.

Street Food

Embrace tranquillity of the place, refresh your wary mind while savouring every sip and bite of your favorite coffee mix and snacks.